Posted by: craigrcampbell | January 10, 2008

It’s Go Time.

We have spent a considerable amount of time preparing for our trip down to New Orleans, Louisiana so that we can meet and interview people about their experiences with broadcast radio during the Katrina catastrophe. For several days we have known that we were going to have to talk with people and hear their stories.  Nevertheless, it didn’t seem real until we got down here.

One would think that talking to people is a typically easy social interaction.  In our case, however, the complications escalate when the conversation is actually an interview with a stranger who has no idea why you are talking to her or why she is talking to you in the first place.

All of a sudden, I found myself walking by real-life versions of the people Ineeded to talk with.  Moreover, I had Dr. Book telling me that we should start asking these people about their stories.  We should start practicing.

All of a sudden, the seven days of planning were over and I found myself walking up to a waitress, awkwardly introducing myself and quickly asking some questions about her experience.  I’ll bet she’s sitting in her house right now wonder what happened to her at work today.

So the interview was a little shaky and not exactly productive, but it helped me build a little confidence.  Also, it helped me realize that these are people, they do have stories, and maybe all I need to do is have a conversation with them and let the interview happen on its own.  You can’t learn unless you practice.  It’s go time.  


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