Posted by: karitaylor | January 10, 2008


Cafe Du Monde!

My first thought upon reaching New Orleans: I didn’t get barfy on the plane.

Ladies and gents, I am in New Orleans! This is my very time in Louisiana and I am happy to be here. Almost everybody I’ve met since the landing has been so friendly. The first friendly person? Easton, the man who drove the budget shuttle bus. When we got out of the airport, we crammed ourselves and our stuff into 1 SUV and a car. And when I say crammed, that’s what I mean. I was in the SUV and I feel like we were comfortable in comparison to the other car. But we made it to the Hotel LeCirque, which looks like a youth hostel from the outside but is loads better on the inside. We’re in close vicinity to the French Quarter, which is within walking distance. We walked it tonight, and that would’ve been fabulous had it not started storming. But we went to Jackson Square, stopped at Cafe DuMonde, and walked down Bourbon street. The very thought of Bourbon Street just makes me chuckle. I’m excited about going out when it’s sunny so I can really see the city and take some pictures.

Tomorrow we start working. I’ll be honest and say that I am nervous; nervous about what I may see, nervous about what I may hear, nervous about what I may experience. I’m hoping that I am cut out for this kind of work seeing as to how I could be doing this within the next 2 years. I have so many ideas but I’m not sure if I can do all of it. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

I feel like this may be moving too fast. It seems like we just started yesterday and I quite simply haven’t caught up yet. There is just too much to see, do, and experience and it’s almost an overload. I’ve never been so tired and I bet half of the reason is because I’ve been going through so many spurts of emotions during the past 6 days. I have a feeling that I’ll be even more tired as the project progresses.


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