Posted by: stevenhaas | January 10, 2008

We’re here!


After much preparation and research over the past few weeks, we’ve arrived in New Orleans! As our plane approached the New Orleans vicinity, the one thing that caught my attention was how massive Lake Pontchartrain was. Looking down from my window seat on the plane, the bridge across the lake was the only thing visible. The bridge spans about 24 miles! My thoughts drifted to what the scene on the bridge must have been like during the days prior to Katrina as people fled the city of New Orleans, trying to escape the wrath of the storm. After settling in to our hotel, we began to explore the French quarter. My first thought was that this city is so unique and unlike any other place I’ve been before.

We were all starving after the plane ride and craving some authentic New Orleans cuisine! Although I’m not normally adventurous when it comes to eating, I decided to order some chicken & andouille gumbo, which was delicious although quite spicy. I also tried an oyster for the first time and it was better than I expected! Although I don’t consider myself to be a big seafood eater, I’m excited to try some new foods while I’m here since New Orleans is known for excellent seafood. As we were walking back to the hotel in heavy rain with the Superdome in the distance, it was erie to imagine the horrific conditions during the flooding in this city just over 2 years ago. The next 8 days should be an excellent learning experience for all of us as we seek to document the stories of emergency broadcasting during Hurricane Katrina.


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