Posted by: maxharnett | January 11, 2008

I Got The BABY!

So today was very interesting. To start the day off we interviewed Tom Levy of NOFD. He had a very interesting story about what they did during the flooding. However, my day really got interesting when we went visit the lower ninth ward. This is the area of New Orleans that was engulfed by the water. You might think that after two years, that it would start to look normal again. Anything but…


This place is amazing to see. There are “x”s on all the doors and most of these homes appear to be uninhabited. Its hard to imagine my home being reduced to what these homes are now. It really does strike a different cord with you once you have a chance to look at it in person.


But the day got much cheerier when we went to Kelly’s Aunt’s house. She and Kelly’s mother made us a delicious meal. There really is nothing like some good home cooking, especially some Louisiana home cooking. They were so nice too. We talked about “Project Runway” for a while. HAHA. Brilliant. And to top the night off I got the baby in the king cake. Which is an honor but I am in line now to buy the next one. It is definitely worth the honor though. HAHA. I love it down here though. I dont want to go home.



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