Posted by: lizpalka | January 11, 2008

The Big Easy

Beignets at Cafe Dumonde

Craw puppies. Mardi Gras. King cakes. Beignets. The M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I river. (I was saying that in my head all day.) The causeway. OYSTERS. Actually enjoying the humidity. I’ve already looked up the origin of the po’boy on Wikipedia. I am utterly fascinated by New Orleans and just plain happy to be here. I’ve just arrived and I’m already planning my next trip back.

I hadn’t anticipated how the stormy weather would affect me. I kept staring at the ashy gray sky wondering what it looked like on August 29th, 2005.

We are so eager to get out there and talk with people. Just to learn more about the culture, the people, and their experiences. I want to talk with everyone and listen to everything they have to say. I want to hear the stories resonating from the Gulf Coast and take them back with me to North Carolina, to Maryland, and to wherever I go after.

I think were unsure of how everything will pan out…but we’ll make it happen!


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