Posted by: kellymurtagh | January 13, 2008

“When you are willing, you will find a way.”

When we first met Monica Pierre, she immediately caught our attention with her charming disposition and down-to-earth character. As she meaningfully shook each of our hands and repeated our names, it was evident why so many New Orleanians felt comforted by her presence as they waited for relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Monica Pierre was a part of the United Radio Broadcasters, completely dedicating herself to being on the air and serving all those in need of information and comfort. She stressed how important it was that each of the radio personalities were locals and struggling with their own losses, as they were more relatable to their audiences. The typical competitive nature between radio stations was forgotten during Katrina because uniting to provide a radio signal was the only option.

She sat down with us and described her work during the early days of the United Radio Broadcasters effort.



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