Posted by: karitaylor | January 19, 2008

“Fire ants float. I had no idea.”

David Cohen- News Director, WWL Radio 1/14/08

Today our team visited Entercom’s WWL radio and we caught up with David Cohen, the news director. Cohen verbally walked us through how WWL prepared and weathered Katrina, starting at Friday morning. He told us that they had fixed their emergency plan after Hurricane George, a category 3 hurricane that made landfall in New Orleans in 1998. During Hurricane George, citizens had to seek refuge “of last resort” in the Superdome for the first time in history, and as a result, WWL began to plan for storms as strong as or stronger than a category 3.

WWL partnered with Clear Channel and formed the United Radio Broadcasters of New Orleans. “Convincing people to sleep was difficult,” Cohen said as he was explaining how hard the staff worked. The formation of the United Radio Broadcasters gave respite for those who listened and offered a fresh voice of talent.

Cohen expressed his faith in the changes WWL made after Hurricane Katrina to better prepare for future emergencies. The station doubled the number of redundant technologies so they can continue broadcasting in the event one of their systems fails. WWL also acquired a mobile broadcasting RV with two complete studios, giving them the capability of broadcasting anywhere in the nation.



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