Posted by: sarahsager | January 20, 2008

Louisiana Public Broadcasting Service

January 16, 2007- Baton Rouge, LA

Inside the facilities of Louisiana’s Public Broadcasting in Baton Rouge, our entourage met Beth Courtney, the long time president of LPB.  She gave us a grand tour of her facilities, which encompasses several studios, two of which were news and sports broadcasting facilities. She explained to the group how she housed most of the news facilities, radio as well as television, local as well as national. The squat grey building was covered with reporters sleeping on floors and maximizing the usage of her facilities. She feels that the public broadcasters had some of the best coverage and also did well with long-term coverage for people displaced during Hurricane Katrina.

Courtney then introduced us to Robyn Ekings who actually stayed in New Orleans with her boyfriend during Katrina and felt the need to help after the crisis. She waded through several feet of water near the Superdome to be on air talent for WWL immediately after the hurricane. She then left and came back to work several days later for Louisiana Public Broadcasting. She said that it was overwhelming how many people were stationed at LPB the weeks after Katrina but that they did the country, the state of Louisiana and the New Orleans and greater area a huge service. 


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