Posted by: karitaylor | January 21, 2008

“I don’t try to think for God.”- Loretta Petit

Loretta Petit- WYLD, 1/15/08

Loretta Petit is the voice of the popular gospel station, WYLD 940 AM, a Clear Channel station in New Orleans. Petit evacuated to Baton Rouge and broadcast from Clear Channel Baton Rouge as a part of the United Radio Broadcasters. Although she has a large Christian following with WYLD, Petit was most remembered during that time for her calm voice, uplifting attitude, and her partnership with Spud McConnell, an unlikely pairing.

Petit creates a very welcoming atmosphere when she enters a room. Underneath the cool and class, Petit possesses attitude that exudes strength from a supreme God. “I never left the consciousness of who God is,” she said of the trying times during Katrina. What was so cool about her is that she didn’t hide behind anything; she carries her faith out in the open for the entire world to see and to listen to.

When the cameras were turned off and we started to pack up our gear, Petit asked us if we had any questions about God, faith, church, or anything related to them. Because we were headed to another interview, we politely said no. However, I can’t help but to admire her for asking such a bold statement to people she’d only known for 45 minutes. Now, I can understand why Spud McConnell became a little bothered. She’s a hard act to follow.


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